Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I have a dream...

Yesterday was the Inauguration of our 44th President, Barack Obama. The event was symbolic in every way. Hope and change were the slogans of the day. The one thing that stood out to me the most was a lady being interviewed on CNN saying and I paraphrase "my great grandmother was a slave and my grandmother was an activist. They didn't live long enough to see this moment but their youngest grandbaby did."

In the midst of all the happy festivities that was the Inauguration, I found something really disturbing on television and the media. The television showed an African American every 10 seconds or so, and a minority every 30 seconds or so. Now why do I find that disturbing? I feel as though they are saying "here you go, now you have your Black President...enjoy this its your time." Maybe it was just me , but I felt pity when I was watching the inauguaration. Yes, Barack is the first non-white person to be President but why does his race or anyone else in that matter have to come up every 10 seconds. It just sickens me that White America still has to apologize for their wrong doings, when it could have been prevented in the first place.

It also sickens me to see Native Americans from Wyoming marching in the Presidential Parade, same people whose land was taken away from them for the reason why they were there.

On a lighter note, I did feel proud to be an American. Our new President gave me new hope, not for the country sake but for my future. On the bandwagon of Martin Luther King, Barack gives me hope that one day I might see an Asian American President on those steps telling the country truth instead of promises. Barack says it the best, "there isnt anything false about hope." Whenever the time may be, it could be my sister with those 18 million cracks that Hilary has thrown at the ceiling and with the election of our new President...anything is possible. That is my dream right now, to see our first Asian American President reciting the oath of office.

p.s. did anyone see how G he looked as he walked out?
and yes I got my RA JOB!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

NEW YEAR's resolution 2 0 0 9!!

2009 is now 3 days old. Since I am going back to Boston tomorrow, the new year officially starts on Sunday January 4th, 2008! First off, I had a really good break. The snowboarding trip was the shit with my homies. Mc Nugget spit some truth out as well as finding some inspirations for our next album and Golden Rong passed out as usual. Large ups to Ryan for planning, and a hell naaww to David for ditching us. Summer trip will be in the works and it will pop off.

Looking back at 2008, there were a lot of firsts, ups, downs, happy, sad, mad, surprises, and there were a lot of regrets. I can't take them back and all there is left to do is reflect and learn. I can't say it's was a bad year because it was not. I am not going to hate on '08 because I still got love.

2009 will be a BIG YEAR! I can feel it, not to hype it up but I will make it into a big year! A couple of things that I am looking forward to:

January-Start of a new COOP, and my RA Interview...wish me luck!

February- Hopefully a Giants Superbowl win. Turning the big 2-1! Getting my RA decision, and ECAASU at Rutgers!

March-Hopefully the best Celebr(asian) to date.

April-I ain't got shit for April yet but it will be poppin'

May-look at April, hopefully get my macbook pro by now!

June-Last month of COOP, moving out and oh yes AUSTRALIA!!!!

July-still in AUSTRALIA!

August-Back home with the homies, hopefully another weekend trip. Relax. If I am a RA, SUMMER TRAINING!

September-December 2009 Start of the new project for me, and yes it will be great.

2009 will be a big year!

p.s. My resolutions for 2009:

Focus more on school (that 3.25 GPA when I graduate so I can be a CUM LAUDE)
Write more (blogs, poetry, etc.)
Read more (novels in general)
Save more money
Work out

Peace y'all