Thursday, March 5, 2009

I miss you...

Boston has token a toll on me. The snow, the cold, the scenery, the food, and the emptiness has just creep up. It makes me more homesick, and miss the greatest city in the hometown New York City. I've recently read that there are three types of New Yorkers. The first one would be natives, New Yorkers who takes the city for granted. The second type of New Yorkers is the commuters who give New York its relentless, never die attitude because they are trying survive. The third type would be the out of towners who come to New York to discover themselves thus giving New York its passion. I would have to fall into the first type of New Yorkers. I took my city for granted.

Everyday I think about how I left in the first place. I felt trapped and I needed to get out. Growing up in New York is way different than what people are used to know. People think of New York as a place to party. The nightclubs, Times Square, Canal Street and Union Square are all wonderful places people have come to know. However, people do not know about the Coney Island, and the feeling of being alone in a giant city with 8 million people. They do not know the feeling of riding the hour ride subway home alone and repeating the same routine everyday.

Those feelings drove me right out of love from New York. Yet I still find myself "repping" my city any chance that I get wherever I go. The more time that I am away, the more I fall in love with New York. When I see that skyline, the feeling of home come over me. I swear even if its raining or snowing, it tends to clear up whenever I reach New York. I bet it's a way of New York welcoming me home, call me crazy but it's true.

I guess my mission now is never take New York for granted. It has been my home, and it will always be my home. I have dreams of traveling around the country and the world. I have dreams of living elsewhere but at the end of the day New York is on my mind. I miss the people, I miss the building, I miss the atmosphere and I miss the smell. I miss the Summer nights, the winter's day, Autumn's fall and the Spring's feel. It's where I made the best friends of my life, it's where love is a different kind of love and it's where my heart is. I just want to take this time to say "hey, I miss you." Goodnight New York, see you soon.


Louie said...

i just took nyc's virginnnnns. come fight me!

michelle c. said... representtt :)

Allison said...

home is where the heart is <3

Golden Nigz Rong said...

I didn't really appreciate the city, till i started school at SVA, and i realized how much i rely on my lady, NYC, to come thru and always provide me with her beauty