Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Leave Carrie Prejean Alone

I am tired of reading this whole Miss California thing on the news, saying how she is a gay-basher and how she stirred up all these controversies. I, on the other hand blame the media. The whole thing started when Perez Hilton (of all people) asked Carrie Prejean, Miss California about marriage. Ms. Prejean answered that "she believes marriage should be between a man and a woman."

Okay now, what is wrong with that answer? Is it because it was asked by Perez Hilton? or Is it because SHE was expected to say "marriage should be for all?"
From last time that I checked Barack Obama said he didn't believe in gay marriage as well and no one called for his head or his crown in this matter.

The underlining matter is the fact people forget that fact there is a freedom of speech in this country. She can say whatever she wants! See I am a gay marriage and gay rights supporter, I don't believe marriage should be just a man and a woman. I believe that marriage should be for people who are in LOVE. However, I am not offended by her comments at all. In fact, I am glad that she said what she said because she is stating her opinion, freedom of speech again. The New York Daily News went too far by saying she was a gay basher because she never did say "FUCK THE GAYS."

It is another case of how ugly this country's political spectrum is. Conservatives and Liberals are one of the same. They attack each other the same way. Liberals in this case saw Carrie Prejean as a conservative figure and attacked her the way without even looking at the substance of her comment. Now revealing, naked pictures of her is for one I think a classless act on the Liberals.

Oh now, I am bashing Liberals, so am I a Conservative now?

See why does this country have to be so polarizing? It is so dialetical that there's no in between. Democrats and Republicans think the same, they just handle their business differently. Coming from a Democrat side, if one is a moderate...then he/she is a too conservative. It is vice versa coming from the Republican side.

Well I, for one is not ashame to say that I am a Moderate...a Humanist Moderate. You can take it anyway you want. I like to put logic first before party lines.

And you know who else is a Moderate?
Our great "Liberal" Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. If you really follow their careers, their voting records have been in the middle and the only reason why they have been deemed Liberal heroes is because they are Democrats. People have to read between the lines and not just go with the popular flow. Yes, Fuck Bush...but why Fuck Bush?

I am a registered Democrat but if a Republican comes along and impress me, you bet that I will vote for he or she.

Bottom line is this whole thing should be squashed. Carrie Prejean did nothing wrong. If you are looking for one type of answer then don't ask the question. I thank Carrie for answering the way she did because for one she is showing the public that we are the stupid ones for making this a whole big mess and two, there is still something called FREEDOM OF SPEECH!


Louie said...

i was going to comment about how she should uphold what is right, since shes miss california (let's just imagine that important).

but then, being cool with homosexuality is what i think is right. not everyone thinks that way and many people in high office have their own pov on the subject and no one is making that big of a deal of it.

anyway, fuck that dumb cunt. hahahhaaaaaaaaa

Golden Nigz Rong said...

The media always blows shit out of proportion. Swine flue for example, 3500 cases soo far, but the regular flu, there have been over 30,000 every year, and more killed from that than the swine flu.

tobster said...

yeah, the media definitely has a role here in all this indulgence and bashing, but at the same time, i wouldn't let her off so easily. obviously, she's not just another person with a point of view. she represents an organization, and she has not only a legal role but also a social one.

the other piece is that she was banking on her 15 minutes of fame, too. she quickly went from another contestant to becoming a spokesperson for the "traditional marriage" movement. and the conversation then became more about the public scrutiny/victimization rather than the issue itself (and how convenient to make that point but fail to see the same when queer folks are said to marry animals if they can marry each other).

lastly, i agree that the whole partisan issue is lame. it'd be nice if people read up on the issues but this 2-party system doesn't require much keeping up with the times. they can be pretty much summed up by how they see the role of government (big or small; protect whose interests, if any) and how people are supposed to live better (top down economics or bottom up?).

BUT i do want to make a point here that it isn't so much about being "liberal" or "conservative" (and definitely not democratic/republican) but rather, how you envision the world, right? what values inform this vision?

because i do think that we are actively engaged in a culture war, siding with a progressive vision (not necessarily just one though?) is pretty important. and i hate it when people make claims for a diversity of thought. um, leftists are no homogeneous, and i'd be fine if the political spectrum were from "moderate" to "radical leftist" or whatever categories you wanna give them.