Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm Pissed Off, Man

I'm pissed off, man. I came across a Facebook group that has make me furious at the Northeastern Asian American community. Now I know it is just a harmless group and it is for fun, but it is also highlighting all the negative stereotypes. Well the group is NEU Asians, the headline is "If your asian, full, half, quarter, whatever, or if you just have asian pride, join us and represent the NEU Asians." Now hold up, I can go into details on why that line just rubs me the wrong way and I will go into details. Going back into my post about Chris Iijima who was a pioneer in Asian America, he would be infuriate with that statemet like I would be. The great Chris Iijima said "a lot of young people are missing the point, being Asian is not about parading yourself how Asian you are." He was 100% correct. We don't need a group to show our pride, we don't need a stupid headline like that to prove our point. We need to work together to make our lives better, our voice louder, and our bond more solidify.

BUT the group's page gets better..."After you join post what bubble tea you like so I can add you as an officer." Excuse me? After you join, post what bubble tea you like so I can add you as an officer? so being Asian is about bubble tea? Thank you tp the creator of this group because you have given more stereotypes to Asians. First I am not about bubble tea and in fact, I don't even like bubble tea. Second of all, back to Mr. Iijima's point of "grooving to Asian Pride." Third, instead of talking about bubble tea, why don't you ask who is your favorite activist or favorite author or a book? wait I don't think you are smart enough to comprehen that and fourth, did you really just say "After you join post what bubble tea you like so I can add you as an officer?!"

It only gets better...there is an official email for the group, NEUASIANS@gmail.com. I wonder what can be emailed to this group. What kind of mini Winnie the Pool toy is the best? or whether to spell Asians or a Z?

Where is the office of this group? Super 88 (or anywhere with bubble tea)...Shake my head.

And the icing of the cake is that this group is closed. The members must be invited or approved by an admin officer. Thank you creator once again to prove that we as Asians are a closed group, who seclude ourselves from everyone. If you are not Asian, you can't join is the policy.

To Mr./Ms. Creator of this group, I don't know what your intentions were when you created this group. If it was to show pride, you missed out on the boat. If it was to unite people, maybe you have but I think that you did it in the wrong way. If it was to promote culture, no you did not promote any culture because the Asian American culture is NOT about FUCKIN' bubble tea or the bubble tea flavor.

The Asian American culture is about stories, well YOU (Mr./Ms. Creator) has certainly not heard of these stories. Stories about being discriminated, oppressed, and hate. Vincent Chin did not die for you to drink fuckin' bubble tea, Yuri Kochiyama did not organize for you to make this group and Chris Iijima definitely did not sing, teach and protest for you to show your Asian Pride.

A final word to the creator of this group...Fuck you and the website where you got your Pocky picture from.

Thank you for proving all the negative stereotypes about Asians, killing the mission of our Asian American Center and WHY we need an Asian American Studies here at Northeastern.

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Louie said...

i'm thinking the creator wanted to make it a "fun and friendly" group where it's not super serious.

but, i would have to agree with your disappointment in the group because it makes it seem like any other asian facebook group and i'm sure the NEU wants to be above nonsensical subjects like bubble tea.