Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Susan are a beast!

This morning, I ran through my normal routine for settling into work. Log into Gmail and Facebook, checked ESPN and On, the most viewed article was titled "Never-Kissed woman wows Cowell." Now I fell out of love with American Idol years ago because it had went on for way too long. Skeptical of the article, I skipped through it and right before I decided to leave CNN I clicked the article. I had no idea of what was coming.

If you have 7 minutes, please watch this video

Amazing huh?

Susan Boyle is a 47-year old woman from Scotland. She has never been married, never been kissed. She lives by herself in a village with her cat. Asked by the judges and people on the show what she was doing there, her answer was innocent enough "I want to be a professional singer." The audience reacted in a way a normal person in this and age would react, the audience laughed at her. When asked who did she want to be? She responded "Elaine Page" and the audience laughed some more. The judges didn't know what was coming, the audience didn't know and I certainly did not know.

As soon as she sang her first note, the audience rose to their feet, the infamous Simon Cowell's face light up and I was floored. The same never been kissed 47 year old woman has won the world's heart. Now maybe due to beautiful cinematography, I got teary eyed. Here is the ultimate underdog story, a 47 year old woman with a funny dress, and funny hair came out of NOWHERE when no one was expecting it. Everyone was expecting another funny ha-ha audition but she was for real.

The title of the song was only fitting "I Dreamed of a Dream" from the musical Les Miserables. Asked why she hasn't been famous, she responded "I never received the chance." Just to show how the universe works in mysterious ways. In the mist of the dog eat dog world, a feel good story comes out. At 47 years old, Ms. Boyle is still chasing her dream. She might have thought it would never come true but here it is...the whole world is watching and you stole hearts around the world. Ms. Boyle, your story is HOPE. We lived too long in this pop minded culture that you have to be in the right age, right face, right clothes to succeed. Well Ms. Boyle is the complete opposite of what we've thought and for that 7 minutes, she reminded me the beauty of humanity. You prove that with a dream and a little bit of hope, it doesn't matter if you are 21 or 47...just believe it and it will come true. Listen, I've never teared up watching a performance and I certainly did for this one and I am not afraid to admit this. As corny as this may be, sometimes we need a little cornyness in our lives to ground us, teach us not to judge a book by its cover and just beautiful the common people are.

Thank you Ms. Boyle.

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