Tuesday, December 23, 2008


school and how everyone is in it to not gain an education but to gain a grade that gives you anything BUT an education

vegetarians and Christians, please don't judge me while I don't judge you

lung cancer for taking away my grandfather

rappers who are killing the essence of hip-hop

Jonas Brothers and Miley Cryus, please go away

Republicans for polarizing society

Capitalism for creating competition for necessities

my parents for letting me disrespect them as a teenager


the FOX NEWS CHANNEL and the creation of the most hated woman in America, Michelle Malkin

the war in Iraq

Boston for selling their food mad expensive

time because your ass don't wait for nobody

love because I can't figure you out yet

people who charge 5 dollars for their party

WHITE PEOPLE who run the world

Asians who don't give enough of a FUCK to stand up

people who preach "get involve" but do it for the wrong reasons

the word "leader" and how it is used loosely

my debt

APPLE because their computers are mad expensive and Lord knows I want them

public schools for not teaching kids about their own culture but rather everyone else other than their own

"the master narrative"

how religion was spread globally

my sister for acting just like me when I was her age

garment factories who treat their workers like shit

the after-school programs who take those workers money because they promise to tutor their kids when they really don't

pro-athletes who don't deserve all that money

ME for writing this during the time of giving.


Louie said...

i got beef with street crossovers

Golden Nigz Rong said...

shits the truth!